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Meet Our Newest Mango!

Happy Friday Everyone!

We would like to introduce our newest Mango, Tiffany Neumeyer. She will be working as our project coordinator here at the Mango grove.

At Mango she’s mainly going to be assisting our Product Development Manager in the processing and management of all things audio when it comes to our courses.  That includes communicating with the studios to source and select new talent, working with them to schedule script readings, generating scripts to send the studios, and contacting our course developers once the audio is ready to be proofed.

Tiffany studied Communications and German at the University of Michigan and spent the last few years in various marketing and PR roles, both here in Michigan and in Chicago.  Most recently she worked as a Marketing Associate for a financial company. Her hobbies include skiing, running, shopping, and spending any leftover money she has to travel (our kinda gal).

Fun travel story?

“While studying abroad in Germany, my train from Salzburg broke down just minutes outside the city, so all the passengers ended up having to take a minivan to get back to Munich.  What started out as a stressful experience, ended up being a great opportunity to see all the little towns of Southern Bavaria.”

Other random facts:

o   “I was born in England and my husband is from Germany, so every four years during the World Cup we have to ‘draw the battlelines’ in our household”

o   “I’ve lived in 6 different homes during the past 3 years, so I’m excited to settle down here in Michigan.”

o  “I’m a huge animal lover, especially dogs.”

Thank you, Tiffany, for sharing all these cool facts.

Welcome Tiffany to the Mango Family!

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