Mangos love their moms!

May 9, 2014 / by Mango Languages


Mother May I….go to Europe? Hey Mom, can my friends from Montreal sleep over – for the next six months?

Mother’s Day is Sunday, and around the office, we quickly realized that Momma Mangos deserve an extra helping of thank-yous. We planned big adventures that we couldn’t afford, we called you from across the globe for directions, and we forgot the languages you tried to teach us again and again. But hey, look at us now. Early on, you instilled in us a love for language and culture, and now we've made a career out of sharing it with others. And you know what? We blame you.

The truth is out: we hold the maternal figures in our lives entirely responsible for the bright and happy language-lovers that we are today. This year, we've collected some pretty incriminating stories about Mango Mothers from around the office. They've been supportive, selfless, and inspirational – and we’d put money on your moms having some pretty similar offenses.

This Mother’s Day, Mangos from around the world are sending gratitude to their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, fellow mothers, and maternal figures through stories, language, memories, and laughter. And if one of these heartfelt messages is in a language you don’t speak, you know the drill. Break out a Mango course and study up until you’ve translated it yourself. Better yet, send your mom a thank-you message in a new language this year, and work together to learn and decode it together. It's your time, Mangos: make your momma proud.

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