Mango's latest course: Classroom English for Hmong speakers.

October 12, 2016 / by Jillian Rodriguez

Introducing_Classroom_English_for_Hmong.pngWhenever one course closes, another one opens. When it comes to developing the latest in-demand course, that’s the Mango philosophy. What’s the newest course to come out of Mango? Classroom English for Hmong speakers.

With about 181,000 Hmong speakers in the United States, half of those speakers live in concentrated communities in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Sacramento, and Fresno. So, why did we choose Hmong as our next English course? It wasn’t just a play at scoring some free nab vam - we’ve heard from those in Hmong communities that there is a real need for English learning resources designed with Hmong Americans in mind. Because most Hmong families speak a language other than English at home, children in Hmong communities can easily find themselves struggling to master English outside the home, and that can quickly translate to low academic achievement and attainment - and nobody wants that. By releasing a classroom-oriented English course for Hmong speakers, we ensure that the community has access to Mango’s practical, effective, and fun English courses.


Hmong people in North America.

Looking to learn a little more about Hmong people in North America? We’ve got you covered. Groups of Hmong refugees began to arrive in the U.S. as far back as the 1970s and as recently as 2005. While immigration of Hmong people to the U.S. has slowed down significantly, there are still more than 260,000 people of Hmong descent living in the United States. Hmong people are now an essential thread in the fabric of the United States, as the children of refugee immigrants assimilate into U.S. culture and leave their mark. However, there are some troubling trends throughout the Hmong community, and many of them boil down to that pesky little English-language barrier. That’s where we come in.


Why Mango.

For Hmong people living in the United States, especially refugees and their families, access to high-quality English learning is often limited. Whether it’s a lack of time, funds, or a shortage of English courses taught in Hmong, learning English can often feel out of reach. Is it possible to keep Hmong as your primary language, but learn the essential English skills you need for day-to-day interactions in the United States?

Enter Mango. We design our courses to be intuitive, conversation-based, and built to get users learning and speaking in English right away. All course navigation, culture and grammar notes, and other tools are in the learner’s native language, maximizing comprehension. Tools like native speaker pronunciation and voice-comparison technology allow learners to perfect their accent and tune their ears to understanding English even better. Plus, Mango is fully accessible for learners on-the-go: download the Mango app to your iPhone or Android, and users can keep up with their learning no matter where the day takes them. Whether you’re a teacher in a school with a Hmong-speaking population or a librarian looking to support non-English speakers in your community, Mango’s flexible, customized course is a language-learning solution that actually works.

Ready to put your English learning into high gear with Mango? This new course is available free through your local library with a Mango subscription. Curious if a library near you has Mango Languages?

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Jillian Rodriguez

Written by Jillian Rodriguez

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