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Numustay Everyone! Happy Tuesday!

I have been going through the Hindi Complete course and have been really enjoying learning a new language.

Did you know that to say “How are you?” in Hindi, you would say “ahp kaisay haeN?’

At first when I saw this, I got a little nervous. I wasn’t sure if I could pronounce the words correctly, but after practicing a few times I felt very comfortable and had an urge to learn more and more.

The cool features that Mango offers in each of the courses have been making this experience really interactive and fun. The semantic color coding, which shows the word order in Hindi in comparison to English, really helps the learner remember how the words are combined in the foreign language.

The pronunciation feature, which allows you to hear the word/phrase in either a fluent speed or the articulate speed, allowed me to take my time and really learn the correct pronunciation. The two speeds are recorded separately so that you can hear each and every syllable of the new word/phrase.

Once you learn what each word sounds like, you have an opportunity to practice pronouncing it all on your own using the Voice Comparison feature. This feature allows you to play the narrator’s voice and your own voice at the same time. So cool!

What is your favorite Mango feature?

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