Mango World: Reality TV's Newest Obsession

April 1, 2014 / by Mango Languages

Mango World

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Have you ever done something CRAZY in the name of language learning? Is Drama your first language? Then we’re looking for you.

Mango Languages is proud to announce a new reality television series, Mango World. Move over Kardashians, it’s time to keep up with the wild world of language-learners.

Think you’ve got what it takes to compete with the most passionate, dedicated, and entertaining language-learners in North America? We want to hear from you. Today’s your one and only chance to claim a spot on the cast of television’s newest bilingual reality show, Mango World. Send us a headshot, a quick bio, the language you want to learn, and the prominent personality trait you’d like us to sensationalize in order to make the entire cast as one dimensional as possible.

Specifically, we’re seeking individuals who possess at least one of the following traits: overreaction to conflict, a passion for pranks, athleticism, over-sharing with strangers, unusual phobias, overprotective parents and/or partners, a fitness addiction, a tendency to cry easily, and of course, we’re always looking to cast paternal twins who each speak a different language.

Expect the unexpected in this new show. Mango World begins with eight people who share one dream: to enrich their lives with language and culture. Each cast member is assigned a unique new language carefully selected to promote healthy (of course!) drama and conflict between the group and deep within each cast member’s soul. The catch: each week, they must participate in a series of competitive challenges to prove that they’re truly mastering their new language. Expect mudslides, paintball, non-English speaking dogs awaiting commands in their native language, and Mango Passport quizzes. Let the language-learning love affairs begin.

Scandal, fights, make ups, jealousy, love triangles, and improper conjugation will take over the house as our cast members either learn to live with each other or push them out one by one. It's a passionate new language learning living experiment and anything could happen. Stay tuned for more updates.

8 Languages. 8 learners. One Mango World.

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