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Mango Voted Best Newcomer

Last night we wrapped up the Travel and Adventure show in Los Angeles California. This was the second Travel and Adventure show we exhibited at; we were in Washington DC last weekend.

We had a great time! The show itself was such a cultural experience. There were 500 exhibitors representing cultures and countries from all around the world. Attendees could find information from sky-diving in Nevada to doing a home-exchange with families across the globe.  Mango Languages fit right in.

The LA Times hosted the show, and the 20,000 attendees were excited to find out more information for their next adventure. There was no lack of entertainment at the show with performances on the World Beats stage and info sessions at the Culinary Corner.

At the Mango booth, we were excited to let everyone know about Mango Passport, our downloadable consumer product available in 28 language courses. We showed demos and explained our language learning methodology. We got to hear people share their language learning stories and how much they were looking forward to learning a new language for their upcoming international trips.

We also had a blast at the exhibitor party Saturday night at the Grammy Museum. All the exhibitors got a chance to share their trade show stories and relax after a long day on their feet. Best part, Mango Languages was awarded Best Newcomer to the Travel and Adventure Show! We’re so honored!

Overall it was a great weekend. Lots of information, great people, and great fun! Can’t wait for our next Travel and Adventure Show!

Next stop… Travel and Adventure Show in Dallas.

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