Adventures in Language Learning: Mango Fans Share “Moment of Pride”

July 26, 2012 / by Mango Languages

This week we asked our Mango fans on Facebook to share with us their proudest language learning moment. The responses we got were awesome. Each of the stories – while unique - demonstrated how fruitful it can be to understand and communicate in a second language. Here’s just a slice of the feedback we received:

  • “In Tokyo, I was given the incorrect change when purchasing boat tickets... I was pretty proud when I politely pointed out the cashier's mistake and he apologized and gave me the correct change.” – Alan D.
  • “I outwitted a crooked cabbie in China, found a private club in Mexico, helped a Spaniard navigate the trains in Italy, and swept a cute French girl off her feet, but my happiest moments are when I can help foreigners right here in the USA.” – Donald S.
  • “Haggling for art on Montmartre [in Paris]!” – Lola M.
  • “I figured out how to purchase a cell phone at the mall in Chile years ago as an exchange student. I was very proud that I was able to get all my questions understood and answered.” – Danielle S.

These stories of worldly adventure got us thinking about how helpful Mango can be to students who are planning to travel abroad. While many students traveling overseas may be part of a foreign language program, there are a growing number of programs taught abroad in English that appeal to students of other disciplines, such as Art History, Ancient Civilizations, or International Studies. Mango provides these student travelers with exposure to content that they will actually need when traveling to a foreign country. You won’t find any lessons here about “the red cat sitting under table.” We prefer to focus on practical content used in everyday conversations, such as: names and introductions, getting around, shopping and payment, dining, and asking for help.

And don’t forget the value of Mango’s unique culture notes! Even if you’ve already taken French 101, Mango may teach you things you never knew about living in, getting around, and avoiding an embarrassing faux pas in France.

So before you book a ticket to study abroad in Italy or plan a volunteer trip to Latin America, make sure Mango is at the top of your prep list. The experiences you’ll have will be enriched by your understanding of the language. And who knows? It may even get you out of a sticky situation…or lead you to love.

For more information on how Mango can benefit college and university students, check out our academic page.

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