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A Mango State of Mind

Pass the Mango, por favor.  Spread the word about Mango in your state by giving some of these ideas a try.

1)  Host a Mango Day at your library.
Roll out the orange and green carpet, invite some patrons, community members or even your neighboring librarians and have fun learning together. Mango Days not only help share language and cultural knowledge throughout your community, they also give you the chance to show your patrons all the resources you offer.

Contact your Mango Rep today for some great Mango Day activity ideas – and don’t forget to submit pictures of your event to earn points and Mango swag via the MAP (Mango Administration Portal).

2)  Add some virtual flair to your website.
Head over to the MAP and download free website graphics to place on your homepage, letting your patrons know they can learn a language free through your library.

While you’re there, why not print out a poster or two to adorn the walls of your library? We wouldn’t even mind if you decided to frame a few.

3)  Attend a Mango training. In your PJs.
Join us for an online training webinar to learn more about how to drive traffic to your library, get your patrons excited about language learning and make sure you’re getting the most out of your Mango subscription.

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