Mango Spotlight: Customer Service Masterminds

April 10, 2014 / by Jillian Rodriguez


Here at Mango, we had to invest in a spotlight. With all of our rock star customers, clients, and employees, we really had no other choice. As with all things Mango, it’s a bright one – so break out your shades, Customer Service Team, this week’s spotlight is shining bright on you.

If you have ever called up Mango’s customer service fun-line, then you know what we’re talking about. The friendly, resourceful voice on the other end solved your problems, chatted you up about your language-learning journey, and provided new ways for you to love on your Mango programs, library, and learning. The only thing this team loves more than Mango is a Mango user. What exactly makes our Customer Service team so special? Let us count the ways.

Actually, let us count three ways. When it comes to Spotlight posts about our very own Mangos, we’re prone to gushing. Can you blame us?

1. They’re Library Masters – literally.

As the leading provider of language-learning resources in North America (#humblebrag), we were scouting out the leading providers of library-loving in North America. So, we hired a bunch of really nice smarty-pants in the form of Marta Jackson, Allison Hoekwater, and Adele Ernsberger.

These ladies practice what they preach. They love libraries, and libraries love them. They each have a Master of Library and Information Science, experience working in and with libraries, and an undying love for making your Mango and library experience the best it can be. The team’s mantra is to provide the highest level of customer service to all users and clients – meaning that when you give Mango a ring, you’re bound to hang up the phone with innovative solutions, new resources, and a smile. After all, if you can’t trust a certified Master Librarian, who can you trust?

2. They've got mad skills.

You may have read our recent post, proving that librarians are superheroes. Here at Mango, we’ve got the MLIS equivalent of the Justice League (The Librarian League? Teenage Mutant Ninja Mangos? We’re working on it.) repping The Grove. Equipped with knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm, they have a unique understanding of how our users seek and retrieve information. This particular superpower explains their incredible ability to ask you informed, insightful questions that help diagnose problems, identify solutions, and effectively improve your overall experience. By the end of your phone call, you may have made a new best friend. Don’t worry – the feeling is mutual.

3. They’re in it for you.

Here’s the best part: our Customer Service team members LOVE their jobs. They even suggested we write this entire post in all caps – that's how much they love their work. The three make up a passionate group dedicated to enriching users’ lives with language and culture – and they get to do just that every day. Hearing about your language-learning ambitions, experiences, and plans is not only exciting, it’s one more way they’re able to learn how to make your language-learning experience even more enjoyable. Whether you’re planning the trip of a lifetime or simply want to start a conversation with a neighbor, they want to hear about it. Each time they talk with a customer, they inform them not only about Mango, but also about the amazing resources and opportunities available to them through their libraries. After all, they’re pros on the ins and outs of library services, and seasoned vets on the hidden benefits of your library card.

Customer Service Superstar Marta Jackson sums it up best with a personal user success story. “After assisting a user in downloading our Mango Mobile apps to their Kindle or Nook, my favorite thing to ask is, ‘By the way, have you downloaded an E-Book from your library lately?’ I always do a little happy dance when they're surprised that they can, and ask me how to go about doing that.”

Now if that isn't lovable, we don’t know what is. Give us a call and see what our customer service reps can do to make your life a little better, a little brighter, and a lot more Mango. And if you get one of them to do a happy dance, we'll do our best to make it go viral on YouTube.

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Jillian Rodriguez

Written by Jillian Rodriguez

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