It's a Mango social: now share your progress on Facebook and Twitter

August 8, 2012 / by Mango Languages

Earn social badges and share your language learning progress with friends when you access Mango through your library.

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Show off.
You can now let you friends and followers know when you've finished a Mango lesson or chapter by posting to Facebook and Twitter from within the course.

Game on.
Don't let your hard work go unnoticed. With every chapter you complete, you'll unlock a new Mango badge as a reward for your progress. Post your badges to Facebook and Twitter to strike up some friendly competition with fellow Mango users.

So, go ahead. Shout your progress from the mountaintops, rally a support group, find a study partner or heck, just show off a little.

Want to learn a new language free through your library? Head to to find Mango Languages in a library near you to get started.

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