Mango Premiere: The Science Behind the Fun

November 15, 2013 / by Mango Languages

It has been an exciting week here at Mango with the launch of our newest product, Mango Premiere. Mango Writer Jillian Rodriguez walks us through the science behind the fun.

Mango Premiere

In case you missed it, we have a very fancy name for the way we do things around here. It’s Mango’s very own Intuitive Language Construction Methodology. Basically, that means we’ve created an approach to language learning that is both fun and easy – and it works. Now, we found a way to make it even more fun with the first and only language learning program that teaches through feature films. Mango Premiere allows you to learn a language by immersing yourself in the authentic culture and dialogue of film, and engaging in intuitive and interactive learning along the way. Some call it edutainment, we call it Mango Premiere.

The key word in our language learning methodology is intuitive. When you use Mango Premiere, your engagement with the film’s plot and characters inherently increases your retention of the culture, vocabulary, and phrases used in the film. Then, we implement the components of our methodology: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, culture, comprehension, and retention. It’s the Mango Methodology you’ve come to know and love, in movie form. And while we’re not exactly breaking breakers and cloning sheep, there is a linguistic science to what we do. We’re going to reveal the method to our madness right now, and if you like what you hear, send us an invite to your next Mango Movie Night. We’ll bring the popcorn.


Why is it that we can rattle off movie quotes all day long, but freeze up when asked to recall some basic Spanish vocabulary? Research shows that we organize our memory into narratives; so our connection to the story behind that funny film allows us to retain quotes that much easier. With Mango Premiere, we bring our tried and true methods to the movie world to break down the film’s dialogue into teachable parts. Before each scene, the Words You May Encounter feature allows you to interact with vocabulary through phonetic pop-ups, translation, and pronunciation by a professional native speaker. In the Follow Up step, you will learn lines from each scene, part by part. We use our semantic color mapping to help you visualize the elements of the phrase you are learning, along with phonetic pop-ups for each word. You can hear the phrase’s audio at a conversational pace, and also hear the audio for each word, enunciated individually. Then, bring all your new knowledge together by viewing the scene again. This time, you may decide to just turn those subtitles off; you’ve outgrown them.


Before each scene, different cultural aspects that you will encounter are explained through interactive Culture Notes. Culture learning is an integral part of our methodology, and Mango Premiere’s films naturally present authentic and nuanced culture to its users. Each Culture Note features an audio read through, native pronunciation, and phonetic pop-ups for foreign language words. Then, view the scene and watch your Cultural IQ skyrocket.

In Follow Up, Grammar Notes work to inform the phrases that you’re learning. As we teach you lines from the movie, Grammar Notes explain the rules of the language in simple terms with interactive audio and phonetic pop-ups. Critical thinking exercises, quizzes, and color coding walk you through the labyrinth of grammar with such ease that you may forget you’re learning, not playing.


In Engage Mode, there are five steps to viewing each scene. Scene preparation, view scene, follow-up, view scene, and scene end. We designed these five steps to ensure that the remaining two components of our methodology were fully intact: comprehension and retention. In Scene Preparation, scene introductions provide brief descriptions of important moments from the upcoming scene, along with color coded translations, individual audio clips, and phonetic pop-ups. This way, when you view the scene you will better comprehend and retain its elements, and by the time you get through Follow Up, you’ll be a pro. Before moving on, you’ll view the scene again to reinforce what you’ve learned, and then – two thumbs up! You’ve finished a scene.

Some call it movie watching, we call it the next generation of language learning – and we’re excited for you to join us.

Mango Premiere


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