Mango Monday: Mango wherever you go!

January 9, 2012 / by Rachel Reardon

We asked users of our library iPhone app where they Mango! Here are some of our favorite answers from our awesome Facebook fans and Twitter followers:

Christie Valdecantos: “Waiting in line for a ride at Six Flags!”

@jjswim: “Your iPhone app makes waiting for the bus and train and even the Laundromat bearable! I’m having a blast with Korean!”

Janice Monroe: “Was at a hospital in the pre-op area…people probably wondered why I kept repeating myself-prob thought I should be in another area of the hospital! Lol”

Serena Shiel: “I used it to study Korean in my Latin class after I finished the work. Oops.”

@ray1759: “So far I have only used the iPhone app siting in my Lazy-boy in front of the fireplace on a cold Canadian night. :-)”

Thanks everyone for the awesome responses! The Mango Languages iPhone app is available to library patrons and can be found in the App Store. Check it out and let us know where you Mango!

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Rachel Reardon

Written by Rachel Reardon

Rachel works with some of the coolest marketers, designers, and writers around to help Mango look and sound its best. She loves bold colors, old books, the Montréal metro, and Star Trek. She has conflicting feelings about the Oxford comma.

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