Mango Monday: Afternoon Recharge

November 28, 2011 / by Rachel Reardon

Dragging a little after a too-much-turkey weekend? Check out how Mangoes Yana and Carly recharge!

There is only so much coffee one can drink. When that 2:00 p.m. feeling rolls around, here at the Mango Grove, we try to take a healthier approach to get that second or ninth wind. We do a bridge pose. Doing the Bridge pose (also known as Setu Bandhasana in Yoga) will make you feel more alert in both body and mind. The pose opens up up your chest and increases blood circulation while rejuvenating your central nervous system. Right away you’ll feel like you drank a strong cup of coffee without even stepping into the kitchen. Let's use some Hindi and say, "Namaste," everyone!


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Rachel Reardon

Written by Rachel Reardon

Rachel works with some of the coolest marketers, designers, and writers around to help Mango look and sound its best. She loves bold colors, old books, the Montréal metro, and Star Trek. She has conflicting feelings about the Oxford comma.

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