Mango March Madness

April 11, 2012 / by Mango Languages

Looking for ways to spread the word about Mango at your library? Take a note from the St. Clair County Library System in Michigan who celebrated Mango for an entire month! March was Mango Languages month, in which patrons could enter a drawing to win some awesome Mango swag. They were also directed to their library’s website to create an account and get started learning a language with any one of Mango’s 39 foreign languages and 16 ESL courses!

The library system promoted Mango Month on their home page, making it easily visible to anyone who visited their site. Also, they displayed a decorated board in the library (written in perfect penmanship, might we add) to make sure the promotion was visible to anyone who came to the library.

Hats off to you, St. Clair Library System – and not just because you also hail from the great state of Michigan (though it definitely doesn’t hurt)!

Has your library ever promoted Mango in a fun, exciting, or unique way? Tell us about it! Either leave a comment on the blog or contact your account manager. Not only will you be helping others promote Mango at their library, but who knows? Maybe YOU will be featured in a future blog post or newsletter!

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