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Sep 25, 2009 8:24:10 AM / by Mango Languages

Mango Languages LibraryWe love our customers both LIbraries and their patrons. We especially love what libraries represent - information, knowledge and learning. Most of the staff here at Mango are avid and voracious readers of information and many of our desks were cluttered with books. We took inspiration from the library and decided to start our own company reference library so that we can access and share knowledge with our entire staff.

The Mango Reference Library (MRL) is a collection of business books that are relevant to our industry and the job functions at Mango Languages. The MRL is all about expanding our knowledge base and learning about new and interesting topics. Interested in learning about Web Analytics or social networking? We have a book for you. Wondering what TOEFL stands for and want to learn more about it? We have that for you as well. If you want to learn more about growing your career and hiring talented people? It's all here!

There is currently a collection of roughly 40 books donated by Mangos (thank you Jason, Beverly and Ryan for letting us raid your office bookshelves). We would like to grow our collection to well over 100 books in the near future. And yes, we offer free language learning to our entire staff!

Thanks to Beverly (marketing) for coming up with this idea, Alan (human resources) for making it happen, Alana (operations) for finding the shelf, and both Leslie and Joe (interns) for constructing the library.

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