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April 22, 2015 / by Mango (PS)

Global mobility managers and HR professionals know that a global reassignment is about a lot more than helping one employee prepare to work abroad: it’s about ensuring that they’re able to adjust comfortably and securely into a new culture, lifestyle and job.

Oftentimes, these employees aren’t traveling alone. They’re bringing their families with them on this new adventure, and it’s important that you help those family members as well. Their adaptation matters: in Cartus’s 2014 report on global relocation trends, they note that the #2 reason reassignments fail is that the family is unable to adapt to a new culture. What’s the #1 reason? Troubles learning the new language and culture.

Luckily, Mango is here to help you knock out both of those problems. Here’s how Mango can work for every member of the relocating family.


The Kids

Even if you’re supplying your employee with Mango, don’t think it’s not suitable for their children. Kids love our adorable Mango mascots, and the lessons are kid-appropriate in terms of subject, theme and vocabulary. Moreover, we’ve heard from both parents who use Mango for homeschooling and those who simply use it with their globally aware kiddos that even the littlest ones love to watch Mango Premiere films! Let parents know that they can check out our movie guidelines to see what’s appropriate for different ages.

A spouse

Oftentimes, spouses of relocating employees can feel like they’ve been put to the wayside. Help them gain the tools they need to navigate a culture independently with Mango. Whether they’re applying for a job or simply making friends with new neighbors, we’ve got the vocabulary and culture-learning lessons to ensure that they’ll fit right into their new home.

The employee

Moving a family to a new location is hard for everyone, and between getting acclimated to a new job and a new culture, your relocating employee will have a lot on their plate. Of course, let them know about the benefits of Mango, but also encourage them to check out our blog and read up on different happy hour practices across the world so that when it comes to celebrate the weekend with their new Tokyo colleagues, they’re prepared to belt out a Whitney Houston song our two.

Make sure that your assignee and their family isn’t just prepared to move abroad: give them Mango to help them thrive. With lovable language-learning that’s appropriate for the whole family, they’ll be ready to dive into the culture of any place they’re assigned!

Looking for more information on making global relocation a family matter? Be sure to check out our whitepaper on the subject!
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