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Mango, Dr. Seuss Style.

Looking for a fun way to promote Mango that will really get your patrons excited?  You might want to take a note from the super-creative folks over at Bedford Public Library.  When they told us about their plan to launch a “Seussified Mango Poem Contest”, we couldn’t help but get excited.  It’s such a unique way to promote the database – and one that all patrons of all ages can enjoy!

Here’s an excerpt from one of the winning entries:

It’s known by all the world ’round
Languages all have a sound
Where you make it, you’ll be known
Among the foreign as their own.

So join us on a learning trip.
You’ll like it; it’s done in a zip.
It’ll be Fred and Ginger, you and me-o
Flying all together down to Rio.

We’ll speak the lingo and we’ll tango
Thanks to the language system Mango.

Would you like to host a Mango-themed contest at your library?  Or maybe you’d like to get other ideas for promoting Mango to your patrons?  We’re here to support you – just contact your Client Care Rep!

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