[Case Study] How To Maximize Teaching Time and Learning Potential Beyond the K-12 Classroom

November 19, 2018 / by Lydia Koehn

How Dennis Township Public School Used Mango Classroom to Boost Student Confidence and Spanish Language Skills.Born and raised in Mexico, Carlos Covarrubias loves sharing the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures with his students — he only wishes that he had more time to do so.

As the only Spanish language teacher for over 600 primary and elementary school students served by Dennis Township School District in Dennis Township, New Jersey, Carlos Covarrubias doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands.

Challenge: Limited classroom time and varying academic levels

The diverse spectrum of learning levels, interests, and abilities among the schools’ first- through eighth-graders would be challenging enough, even without the added pressure of trying to fit a week’s worth of instruction into the narrow, fifty-five-minute window of classroom teaching time allotted per class each week for Spanish learning.

Solution: Expand learning beyond the classroom

When Carlos integrated the Mango learning program in the DTSD primary and elementary/middle schools in August 2017, he used Mango as a supplemental learning tool to reinforce the topics taught in class. By consistently using a digital resource to reinforce curricula, Carlos began layering students’ learning experiences from multiple angles, deepening their understanding of the language.

Result: Confident students eager to communicate in a new language

Less than one year after implementing Mango Classroom by Mango Languages, Carlos’ students are now more comfortable and prepared to speak up in the classroom, and are eager to continue their learning outside of scheduled class time.

“Thanks to Mango Classroom, my students are actually feeling comfortable and confident enough to speak, even in front of their friends and their classmates. I feel like, yes, we’re getting somewhere!” — Carlos Covarrubias

Download the full case study below to find out how Dennis Township Public Schools have been using Mango’s online learning program to engage students with varying learning styles and levels of proficiency, overcome teaching time restraints, and maximize learning opportunities beyond the world language classroom.

Download Case Study


Are you an educator looking to transform your students’ speaking skills in a new language? Learn more about Mango Classroom for K-12 Schools or Higher Education.

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