Managing Assignments Around the Globe

June 10, 2015 / by Mango (PS)

Managing one employee’s relocation is complicated enough, but managing multiple assignees in multiple countries? That’s when HR managers need to be HR superstars. Plan ahead and take advantage of the resources available to make each and every assignment a success.

To juggle multiple assignments and employees in a seamless way, start here:

Get the paperwork in order

Create a standard company checklist for relocation paperwork. No matter where an assignee is headed, there will be plenty of documents to prepare for the employee, the family and the business. From work visas to tax forms, put it all in one checklist to review in an orderly fashion.

Provide top-notch pre-departure training

The more you emphasize pre-departure training for both employees and their families, the better off they’ll be once they touch down in a new place. Family stress is one of the top three reasons relocations fail. Any investment your company makes in pre-departure support can pay off long-term in the form of a more a successful assignment. Language and culture training are key aspects of this support, as is contact with families who have already been through a relocation.

Share digital resources

Create a digital toolkit for every employee and family you send abroad. These resources can help families become more self-sufficient in their new home, boosting confidence and morale. They will also preemptively answer many of the questions your employee will have, streamlining your role in the relocation process.

Ideally, these kits will include general relocation information, as well as country-specific resources. Include links to expat forums and guides, resources on healthcare, services and education in the host country, travel information and more. Don’t forget to include Mango Languages for training in language and cultural skills!

Streamline transitions in the office

The last thing your employee needs when preparing to move abroad is extra headaches at work. And while you’re managing employees around the world, you don’t want to be tripped up by a rocky transition in the home office. Create a checklist and process for informing all employees of a new international assignment and easing employees into their new roles at home and abroad.

Plan ahead for small disruptions to the workplace routine and build in time for them. Ensure the relocating employee is involved in training their home office replacement pre-departure. Work with the employees to ensure any client contacts or suppliers are informed of the transitions.

If you’re currently juggling employees in multiple countries, especially those with families, get more advice from our white paper Supporting Successful Family Relocation.

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