Making Paperwork Fast and Easy for a Reassignment Abroad

July 13, 2015 / by Mango (PS)

Preparing for a move abroad is an exciting process for your assignee and their family. But before the adventure can begin, it’s incredibly important to have all of the necessary paperwork and travel documents in place. If essential documents are missing, an assignment runs the risk of ending at the immigration office before it can even begin.

There’s no way around it: filing paperwork like visa, passports and work permit applications is boring, tedious work. From financial statements to photocopies of birth certificates and social security cards, it may feel like you’re drowning in documents. Here at Mango, we know how stressful this can be for you and your assignees. Here are a few ways you can make filing relocation paperwork fast and easy:

Consult your assignee

Before you begin applying for any sort of relocation paperwork on behalf of your assignee, have a meeting to discuss the process with them. There are plenty of questions you can ask that will give you better insight into what kinds of permits, visas and other documents they need. Are they going alone? Will their spouse want to work in their new home country? Who in the family does and does not have a passport? The answers to these questions help you determine what documents you need to gather to begin the application process.

Do your research

Every country has a different set of rules for the documents needed to live, work and visit. For example, visitors to China, no matter how short their stay, are required to have a Chinese visa in addition to their United States passport, whereas in Portugal, visitors residing in the country no longer than 90 days only need a valid passport.

In order to make sure you know what documents are needed by your assignee, consult the U.S. Department of State’s website. Here, you’ll find consulate information, travel advisories, necessary entrance and exit document information and tips on what to do if documents are lost. Keep in mind that these requirements can change without notice, so it’s important to stay in contact with the host country’s consulate throughout the entire process.

Get help!

Even though you’re the main point of contact for your assignee, you’re not alone in getting them ready for their time abroad. Reach out to the consulate of the country they’re relocating to for extra help in applying for visas and information on immigration procedures and customs allocations. They’re a tremendous help both before and during the assignment.

Getting assignees and their families the appropriate documentation for their time abroad doesn’t have to be a headache. As long as you discuss the logistics of their trip and know what kind of papers their host country requires, they should be ready to tango in Argentina or sip tea in London in no time!

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