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May 5, 2011 / by Mango Languages

When I was trying to learn a foreign language in the past, there always seemed to be a rude awakening at the end of the course. I could no longer acquire new information as soon as the course book ended, the audio tape finished, or the class was over. It was frustrating to know that I spent so much time trying to learn a language and couldn't continue to build on what I knew after the intense learning method was over.

I wish Organic Learning was incorporated into the different language learning methods I used to try.

Mango’s organic learning lessons are designed to help users continue increasing their vocabulary and cultural insights outside of the Mango lessons! These lessons are focused on teaching you to ask a variety of useful questions and use vital communications that allow users to ask about a word they don’t know, request additional information about any given subject, get clarification from the person they are speaking to, and more. The more you implement organic learning, the more you’ll be able to learn after the end of the course!

Intuitive Language Construction integrates vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, culture, as well as comprehension and retention strategies into organic learning to make Mango a fun, easy, and incredibly effective resource for foreign language and ESL users!

We can't teach you every single one of the thousands of vocabulary words that make up a certain language, but we can teach you how to find out this information as you use the language. For example, you may find yourself in Spain and not know the name for a specific fruit you want to buy at a farmer's market. After using Mango, you would be able to point to the fruit and say, "Come se dice (point to object) en Español?" which means, how do you say (this) in Spanish? (Literal traslation: What is this called in Spanish). Not only will you now learn the appropriate word, but this technique will allow you to engage in conversations and grow more confident in your communication skills. It's a win-win, if you ask me.

See it in action – try a lesson for free!

Also, watch our methodology video to see all the unique features of Mango Languages courses.

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