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Language Brings Long Distance Relationship Closer

This story comes to us from a library patron of the Kent District Library in Michigan.  How has language brought you closer to the people in your life?

Learn Swedish
“My fianc√© and I (marrying on December 8th of this year) have been in a long-distance relationship for the last six years. I am American and he is Swedish, and while we have a wonderful relationship, occasionally things would inevitably get lost in translation.

I’ve tried everything to learn Swedish, and for some reason, it just wouldn’t stick. I have bought just about every book and CD on the subject, including the extremely expensive Rosetta Stone, and though I picked up some vocabulary, I could barely string together a coherent sentence.

I first started using Mango because I wanted to learn German. Within days, I already knew more German than Swedish, and I’d been trying unsuccessfully for years! When Mango released Swedish, only weeks ago, I started using it immediately and my Swedish has improved exponentially in only days!

Mango has changed my relationship and my life for the better! For FREE, through the library, I’ve finally found a language program that works!”

Want to see if you can learn for free through your library? Head over to findmango.com and type in your zip code to find out.

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