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iPhone is “iPhone” in any language. Using Mango mobile apps for ESL learning.

ESL iPhone App
Librarian Andrea Mullarkey shared this story with us:

“They came to the desk together, one speaking heavily accented English and the other just hanging out. The first young man said he wanted ESL resources so we went to our ESL collection and I showed him books, kits, dvds etc. He was pleased and grabbed a bunch to check out.

Then we went back to the desk so I could show him Mango Languages and he was blown away. He put all of the physical items back on the reshelving truck and started chattering briskly with his friend in another language about Mango.

When I mentioned the iPhone app, both their eyes lit up (the friend spoke almost no English but apparently iPhone is iPhone in any language) and pulled out their phones.

One downloaded the app right there at the desk. The other went straight over to a computer and filled out a library card application on the spot.

I haven’t seen them since, and I presume it’s because they are happily learning English on their own thanks to the intuitive interface and design of Mango. It made me so happy to have something to offer them that would so perfectly meet their needs.”

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