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March 17, 2015 / by Kristy Kieleszewski

If you’re living in the United States, you may have awoken this morning to the enchanting scents of cabbage and corned beef wafting through the air. But before you head out to be a part of the festivities with your shamrock headband bobbing and leprechaun socks flashing, we’d like to help answer one question: Who was Saint Patrick? (That seems pretty important to know today, right?)

While many mysteries surround this beloved saint, we do know that he was credited for driving snakes out of Ireland — and so much more! Whether there were actual snakes in Ireland approximately 1,500 years ago is up for debate, yet snakes symbolize evil and represent paganism in many religious texts, and his dedication to purity and morality is deeply respected in Ireland today.

Legend tells that when he was just 16 years old, Saint Patrick was captured by Irish pirates and held for six years in captivity. (Side note: Mango offers a course in Pirate, if you'd like to learn how to better negotiate with a pirate someday.) During this time, he experienced holy visions and found strength and bravery by holding onto his faith. When he finally escaped, he traveled to France and dedicated his life to priesthood. Around the age of 60, he spread his Christian beliefs throughout Ireland as a missionary by the advisory of Pope Celestine.

Most images and statues of Saint Patrick depict him holding a shamrock, which he was known to pass along to others to remind them of the three leaves’ representation of the Holy Trinity. While many details of his life are still being uncovered to this day, it's certain that Saint Patrick’s Day is primarily celebrated in the U.S. while many places of business, including bars and restaurants, in Ireland are closed today in observation.

Now that we’ve got that history lesson out of the way, we want to know: How do you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? Here at Mango Languages, we are celebrating by providing a FREE Irish course and sharing a little Irish soda bread, too.

This course will allow you to connect with Irish traditions to the fullest. After just one lesson, you'll be able to ask for an authentic Irish beverage, impress your friends with your understanding of traditional Irish names, and engage in all sorts of practical St. Patrick’s Day conversations.

Click here to get your FREE Irish Course, and may the luck of the Irish be with you.






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Kristy Kieleszewski

Written by Kristy Kieleszewski

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