Learn Chinese Mandarin from a native speaker.

October 2, 2017 / by Jillian Rodriguez

Mastering Chinese MandarinHave you heard the news? Mango is launching a new video series using a native speaker to help you learn to speak Chinese Mandarin. The videos are super smart, fun, and totally free — 别客气 (You’re welcome).

Mango is beloved by learners all over the world for our practical and lovable approach to language. Now, we’re bringing that same energy to YouTube with our new series on Chinese Mandarin. Covering tones, structure, pinyin and more, we'll be working through everything you ever wondered about learning Chinese in bite-sized chunks that introduce the fascinating complexities of this language.

Across the globe, Chinese speakers and Chinese learners are getting ready to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, which this year falls on October 4th (a lucky day in the Year of the Rooster). The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time to gather with family and friends to gaze at the harvest moon, light a lantern, and enjoy mooncakes. So grab some mooncake, and practice speaking Mandarin with fun, friendly YouTube videos!

If you’re already learning Mandarin through Mango’s Chinese Mandarin course, our new YouTube series is a perfect complement to what you’re learning within the course, providing real-life conversation skills to help you confidently converse with Mandarin speakers. The video series will cover practicing how to say ‘hello’ in Mandarin, learning about Chinese culture, practicing essential Chinese phrases, and digging into the unique aspects of speaking Chinese Mandarin.

Starting October 3rd, new videos are out every Tuesday and Thursday —all you have to do is subscribe to make sure you don't miss the next lesson. 

Learn Chinese Mandarin from a native speaker.

If you know Mango, you know our language learners are our North Star. You told us you wanted more support learning Chinese and new ways to practice speaking Mandarin. Our new YouTube video series is a direct response to the demand for Chinese tutorials — we hope you enjoy!

Plus, this video series gives us an opportunity to develop lessons on parts of Chinese Mandarin which are not explored in Mango’s Mandarin course. If you’re currently studying Mandarin with our course, these short (just 3 – 5 minutes) videos cover topics that are a great companion to your learning — without being dependent on the course.

Curious what Mango’s Mandarin course teaches you about Chinese language and culture? Create a free profile with Mango to learn Chinese Mandarin and see what our courses are all about.

Fresh tips on how to speak Chinese Mandarin.

You’ve read all about it it’s time to see for yourself what our new Mandarin video series is really like. Here’s a sneak preview:

As you can see, these short tutorials for learning Chinese are fun, effective lessons that cover topics like:

    • Reading and writing basic pinyin (the official romanization system for Standard Chinese in mainland China).
    • Demystifying “tricky” pinyin.
    • Pronouncing and practicing tones.
    • Stroke order and writing Chinese characters.
    • Variations on essential Chinese phrases.
    • Lessons and tips on Chinese culture.
    • How to say hello in Chinese and other greetings.

We’re so excited for our Chinese Mandarin video series because it is a brand new way for learners to build confidence in starting a conversation in a new language. After subscribing to Mango’s YouTube channel, you’ll receive updates for our free, twice weekly Chinese Mandarin tutorials so you can follow along and learn at your own pace. With lessons in writing pinyin, the nuances of tones, and how to pronounce nasal finals, your Youtube feed just got a lot more interesting. 

Ready to dive into Mango’s new Chinese Mandarin video series? Watch the first video and subscribe to keep up with the latest updates when the next Mandarin videos are launched.


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