Learn Brazilian Portuguese, Adopt a New Culture in Journey Two

May 9, 2012 / by Rachel Reardon

After meeting and marrying a Brazilian woman living in the US, Shawn Howe fell in love with his new wife’s native language and culture.

Starting off with a friendship that developed into a romance, Shawn’s relationship with his wife has opened his mind and expanded his world view.

“When I first met my wife, I thought they spoke Spanish in Brazil! The only things I thought about that country were beaches and beautiful people everywhere. I didn’t know how amazing of a culture they have, what great food, how warm the people are- I didn’t know any of that. I’ve learned so much over the past two years.”

During those years, he has not only dedicated himself to learning Brazilian Portuguese to better communicate with his wife’s friends and family in Brazil, but also to better understand and appreciate their culture.

“I feel like I’m a part of the Brazilian culture now. Whenever I hear something about Brazil, I tune in or look it up. I’m totally consumed with it now. My favorite part is the food though- I love Brazilian food. I would be stuffed out of my mind but people would keep saying, ‘have some more.’ It was so good I couldn’t say no.”

Meeting his wife provided Shawn with the motivation and means to learn a new language and broaden his horizons.

“My mind is much more open now. Growing up, [my hometown] was my world. I met my wife and she introduced me to new foods, new drinks and new people. She opened my mind completely. Before, I never really cared to learn a new language. Now, I’m motivated. I’m enjoying learning and I’m proud of myself.”

Through studying with Mango Languages, Shawn was able to better connect with his wife’s friends and family and navigate his way through stores and restaurants in Sao Paulo.

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Written by Rachel Reardon

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