Learn a Foreign Language - Be Recession Proof

Dec 2, 2009 9:00:16 AM / by Mango Languages

Competitive_AdvantageNo doubt times are tough right now. The economy is still reeling from a recession and jobs are still being cut. How do you stay safe? Diversifying your job skills can be one way to make you more desirable.

By taking a foreign language you are adding value to the company as they grow in a more global marketplace.

Having a foreign language on your resume can help you:

1. Get accepted into college
2. Get into graduate school
3. Save money on tuition
4. Find a job
5. Keep a job
6. Enjoy international travel
7. Personal achievement and growth

Some things to think about:
*Employers expect to hire 8% fewer college graduates this year.
*Job losses at highest point since 1945, after World War II ended.
*College acceptance is more competitive than ever.
*More college graduates are opting to go back to school.
*The US government is encouraging people to learn strategic languages, which include: Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Russian

How are you keeping your skills relevant and diversifying your resume?

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