Language, Culture, and Halloween Costumes for Your Littlest Patrons

October 16, 2014 / by Rachel Reardon

Halloween is here, and kids around the globe are scrambling to come up with the greatest costume ever. Whether they’re prepping for the library’s Halloween story time, trick or treating, or the neighborhood Halloween party, the pressure is on to dress to impress. So we’ve rounded up our top picks for costumes that are as awesome as they are educational.

1. Pirates.

After September’s National Talk like a Pirate Day, many young Mangos already have the skills to bring this classic costume to life. In fact, thanks to the holiday’s popularity, many kids started planning their Pirate Halloween costume a month early. We can’t blame them – it’s one of our most popular courses with the kiddos. A bonus: this fun and easy course is known to be a gateway language, prompting kids to return to Mango to explore other new and exciting languages.

2. Disney characters.

We love Disney movies, we really do. They are filled with fantasy, humor, and fun – and they tell stories with origins from around the globe. Disney’s affinity for unique settings and global cultures is a wonderful learning opportunity for families. Your children already love the characters, and you can leverage their interest to introduce them to the cultures and languages of their most beloved characters. Does your child have Frozen fever? The movie’s fictional country is based on Norway. Teach your Princess Elsa or your Olaf the Snowman some Norwegian phrases and explore the country’s rich culture with Mango’s Norwegian course. The possibilities are endless: whether your child’s going out this Halloween as Princess Jasmine or Merida, as Aladdin or Hercules, we’ve got you covered.

3. Global historical figures.

We Mangos have one important guideline on Halloween: appreciate culture, but don’t appropriate it. Bypass the store-bought geisha costume and the oversized sombreros, and instead opt for a homemade costume based on an important historical figure from the culture of your child’s interest. Is there anything cuter (and more educational!) than a six-year-old dressed as Frida Kahlo, or a ten-year-old dressed as Julius Caesar? Your child’s Halloween will be that much richer in language and culture when you embrace cultural exchange. Check out Little Pim courses, available through Mango Languages, to introduce Spanish, Mandarin, and other popular languages to even the littlest learners as they put together their historical Halloween costume.

4. Little Pim & Manguitos.

Can’t settle on just one language? Don’t feel bad – neither can we. Instead, why not choose a costume that shows the world just how much your little one loves languages? Our Manguitos come in all sizes, colors, and from every corner of the globe – throw on a beret and grab a crepe, and your little one is ready to explore Paris. Or, if your kids are of the panda persuasion, why not look to Little Pim for inspiration? After all, with mascots this cute, your kids will be eager to dabble in every language that they can.

Want to learn more about Little Pim and language learning for your youngest patrons?

We’re hosting a free webinar on Tuesday, October 28th from 2:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. EST, and you’re invited. Join Julia Pimsleur Levine, Founder & Creator of Little Pim, for an exciting conversation on why an early start matters, plus tips for encouraging language learning in young children at your library. Register now to secure a spot, and hurry – space is limited!

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Rachel Reardon

Written by Rachel Reardon

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