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Language and Computers

Scientists have been working on computers for some time now and have made them into powerful machines. One of the symbols of high intelligence, chess, has been elaborated and now computers can win a human chess player. However, despite the dreams and expectations of many scientists and sci-fi authors and directors, computers cannot speak nor can they hold a conversation with a human; language is still in its infancy in computer science.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem to be a highly intellectual thing, as I argued that even a child can speak a language. Besides, we have known of many cases of people who, although they cannot perform their daily tasks, they can speak their native language without any problem and many of them can even speak two and even more foreign languages or can learn a new one within a week. They are called “savants” and one of them is Daniel Tammet.

So, what is it that makes language an easy but also a difficult thing at the same time?

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