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August 10, 2015 / by Mango (PS)

Back to school season is upon us: everyone from students to teachers and other faculty are preparing themselves for the upcoming school year. As an academic librarian, you know that before long, the campus community will be flooding your spaces in search of anything and everything to help them get their study on. Books and electronic resources will be in high demand, of course, but what about those who are looking for help in the language and culture-learning department? Get the word out and help students to start their year off with Mango by trying these three outreach approaches.

Language course supplements

Does your university offer a wide range of foreign language classes? For many students, learning a new language can be intimidating. Help them become confident in their language skills by partnering with world language and linguistics departments to get the word out about Mango at your school. Students who use it can benefit from Mango’s culture-oriented approach to give them an even more rounded, immersive learning experience.

Study abroad aid

¡Vamos! Andiamo! Allons-y! Prepare students for a semester overseas by coordinating with study abroad and exchange departments to make sure departing students have the language skills they’ll need in their host country. Oftentimes, students can experience culture shock while abroad, so it’s essential to start early to help them get accustomed to the sounds of a new language. As students get their paperwork together, you can make sure they’re ready to immerse themselves in a different culture while staying safe, respectful and knowledgeable.

Specialty courses for student clubs

Does your campus have a variety of multicultural student groups and clubs? If so, be sure to catch them at special cultural times of the year and offer them Mango’s specialty courses. Whether you’re coordinating with the French club or the cheese club, our specialty courses can help to enliven their weekly meetings.

Is there a German club or a craft beer club on campus? Make sure they know about our Oktoberfest specialty course to help them get into the spirit for the mid-September festival. Students will learn a variety of things, including what to wear (make sure the girls know to tie their dirndl aprons on the left if they’re single) and the correct way to say cheers (yell “prost!” and don’t break eye contact!) Specialty courses will keep student groups entertained all year round. Noch ein Bier, bitte!

Whether you’re reaching out to a French 101 class or students readying for a semester in Argentina, Mango can help anyone in your campus community kick off their school year with a new approach to language and culture learning. If you’re looking to keep your library on the cutting edge by providing students with the best resources, take a look at our checklist of the 9 innovations shaping academic libraries today!

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Mango (PS)

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