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July 30, 2013 / by Mango Languages

Have we met yet? Perhaps it was just a glance across the room at tradeshow or a short e-mail flirtation. But if we haven’t been formally introduced, allow us to tell you a little about ourselves.


We’re celebrating our 6th birthday this year, but people tell us we’re mature for our age. Starting from humble beginnings in southeast Michigan, we’ve carved our place as the #1 language learning program for public libraries across the US and are growing an impressive roster of academic and corporate clients, among them: Texas A&M University, Virginia Tech University, University of Alabama, Kellogg’s, Hyundai Kia America Technical Center, Bristol-Myers Squibb and HCA. But no more bragging, we want you to fully understand what we believe to be the driving force behind our success: our core values.

Innovation: Thinking creatively to change the world. We welcome new ideas and are constantly on the lookout for “what’s next”. Our clients are able to see the passion our employees put into every task they undertake. To date, our program has grown to offer over 70 courses, available on various platforms to meet the needs of your users. In addition, we’re always looking for new ways to raise the bar and make the learning experience more fun, interactive and engaging. This was the driving force behind our newest product, Mango Premiere, the first and only language learning resource to teach through film.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Taking risks and working hard to bring a worthy vision to life. It is because of this spirit, that Mango exists. And because of this spirit, that we continue to grow. Adding value to the world by creating products that encourage the understanding of foreign languages and cultures has always been and continues to be the goal of Mango Languages.

Integrity: Acting in alignment with the greater good. “Practice what you preach.” Mango takes this saying very seriously. Given that our goal is to enrich the lives of others through language and culture, we understand that we ourselves must also be enlightened on the subject. All Mango employees are required to learn a language of their choice and partake in cultural enrichments. What better way to exemplify the integrity of our work than to deeply enrich ourselves as individuals?

Quality: Striving for excellence and kaizen. The best way to exemplify the quality of our products is to let our customer testimonials speak for us. So what are people saying about Mango?

“I love Mango – it’s one of our most-used databases and it gets people talking about the library.” – Susan Schreiner, Pittsburgh State University, Leonard H. Axe Library

“Since we started using Mango, our usage numbers have skyrocketed. It think hat a lot of the success that we have had is because of the marketing tools provided through Mango. It’s such a great program – we love it!” – Kim Terry, Metropolitan Library System

“Mango is my ace in the hole – it’s a strong promotional tool for my library because it’s fun, inviting and useful. As former language teacher, I’ve been extremely impressed with its methodology.” – Scott Cohen, Jackson State Community College

“I love the iPhone/iPod app! I'm learning Irish. I've gone through all of the chapters, and I've bought books and CDs to take my Irish to the next level. However, I find myself coming back to the app because it's more fun than the books and CDs!” - Rocky McKeon, Mango User

Positive Attitude: Taking personal responsibility to create a healthy environment. Mango’s goal is to see the opportunity in every challenge and consistently keep our team moving onward and upward. We think positivity is contagious, so our mission is to spread the curiosity and excitement that we have for foreign languages to both our clients and our users. Breaking down language barriers is no easy task, but Mango is gaining ground on the issue with a smile.

Fundipline (yes, we create words here at Mango): Enjoying the journey to greatness. Our goal is to strike a healthy balance between fun and discipline. It’s what working here is all about. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:


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