Intuitive Language Construction - Part VI Retention

Aug 24, 2010 11:20:25 AM / by Mango Languages

Intuitive-Language-Construction-300x289We are excited to continue sharing our language learning methodology–we call it the linguistic science behind the Mango Languages Online Language Learning Software.

Doesn’t that sound really smart?

Intuitive Language Construction was developed after looking at current products on the market and listening to feedback from users.

The one thing we heard over and over is that they wanted a program that was fun, easy, completely integrated, and that included the following components:

1.Vocabulary (Click to see previous post)

2. Pronunciation (Click to see previous post)

3. Grammar (Click to see previous post)

4. Culture (Click to see previous post)

5. Comprehension (Click to see previous post)

6. Retention

In this post we are going to talk about the last component: Retention. Mango’s simple yet powerful interface is designed to manage a variety of recognized retention challenges, including management of what’s known as cognitive load.

Doesn’t Cognitive Load sound scary?

Dont' worry, with Mango, information is continually delivered in small, manageable conversational blocks--ensuring that the user’s memory is never overloaded with new material.

Mango also automatically accounts for “the forgetting curve” which is a naturally occurring part of learning something new. Here is a great way to think about it....have you ever been to a party and been introduced to someone only to find that a moment later you go get something to drink and forget that person's name? You are not alone. This is an example of the forgetting curve in action.

No worries! With Mango, memory exercises are seamlessly integrated into new information throughout each course, reinforcing what you’ve already learned at key intervals and ensuring that those chunks can be committed to long term memory as the language lessons progress.

I know that when I learn something I want to be sure to remember it, especially when I work hard and use my precious time. What about you? What are your retention strategies?

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