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Intuitive Language Construction – Part V Comprehension

Intuitive Language ConstructionWe are excited to continue sharing our language learning methodology–we call it the linguistic science behind the Mango Languages Online Language Learning Software.

Doesn’t that sound really smart?

Intuitive Language Construction was developed after looking at current products on the market and listening to feedback from users.

The one thing we heard over and over is that they wanted a program that was fun, easy, completely integrated, and that included the following components:

1. Vocabulary (Click to see previous post)
2. Pronunciation (Click to see previous post)
3. Grammar (Click to see previous post)
4. Culture (Click to see previous post)
5. Comprehension
6. Retention

In this post we are going to talk about comprehension.  No one wants to go through an online foreign language learning program and not understand what they learn.

Our system was conceived as an online experience–not as books and tapes that were later forced into an online format.  We incorporate strategic instructional design, custom developed to be as effective as possible for online learners only.

Although online learning definitely has benefits in the form of accessibility, affordability, pace, and convenience, it opens up a wide variety of new difficulties that were not present in traditional learning environments.

Our Intuitive Language Construction methodology accounts for those difficulties and is specifically designed to help students manage and overcome them, actually increasing comprehension as they learn.

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