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Intuitive Language Construction – Part I Vocabulary

Intuitive Language ConstructionWhen learning a foreign language it is important to understand the Linguistic Science behind the book, tapes, or in our case, the online language learning software. Mango Languages is very excited to share our foreign language learning methodology.

Intuitive Language Construction was developed after looking at current products on the market and listening to users and what they wanted.  The one thing we heard over and over is they wanted a program that was fun, easy, and completely integrated.

We listened.

Mango Languages includes the following components:

1. Vocabulary
2. Pronunciation
3. Grammar
4. Culture
5. Comprehension
6. Retention

In this post, lets first look at vocabulary.  These are the words themselves that make up the language.

Most language learning systems focus a lot, if not solely on vocabulary…and there’s no doubt that it’s important. However, Mango focuses on the words and phrases that will be usable in common, real life situations for the language and culture you’re studying.

Mango helps you understand context and makes the most of your valuable time. Vocabulary words are given to you in the form a conversation, rather than just a list.   Some systems provide long lists of terms all at once, making it difficult to follow and learn how all the components work together. Others provide individual “flashcards,” but not a complete conversation, making the vocabulary much less useful since there is no context for the words.  Ultimately, spending hours going through stacks of cards just isn’t fun, but after using Mango you can actually hold a conversation and communicate, which really is the point of learning a foreign language, right?

What do you think is the most important part of a language learning product?

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