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January 16, 2014 / by Mango Languages

Ladies and gentleman, the wait is over: Mango Connect, the next generation of Mango’s user portal, is officially here. Mango’s sleek new interface offers a range of benefits, including: a more intuitive user experience, updated dashboard and course organization and a customizable profile page. But Mango Connect is just one of the many new offerings we’ve added to our lineup in 2014. To learn more about all the latest and greatest reasons to love Mango, read on below.[pl_accordioncontent name="nov" number="1" heading="Mango Connect"]Our brand new user portal is designed to take the learning experience to the next level with a highly visual and interactive interface. We have made it easier for users to access all the language-learning products available to them, based on their language or product of choice. For example, users can simply select a language from the list:

And they'll be able to see all the products available in that particular language (e.g. courses from Mango Conversations, movies from Mango Premiere, or children’s courses from Little Pim):

Users also have the ability to create a custom profile page which stores their picture, study history, and preferred language settings.

mango connect[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordion name="nov"] [pl_accordioncontent name="nov" number="2" heading="Course Placement Tests"] placement_test
Mango now has placement tests available for 17 of our most popular language courses. The link to take the placement test is located on the Welcome Screen for the following courses:
Arabic (Levantine)
Chinese (Mandarin)




Portuguese (Brazilian)




ESL (for Japanese speakers)

ESL (for Korean speakers)
ESL (for Mandarin Chinese speakers)

ESL (for Russian speakers)

ESL (for Spanish speakers)
[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name="nov" number="3" heading="Mango Premiere"]mango_premiere
Say hello to Mango Premiere™, the first and only language learning resource to teach through feature films and other foreign language multimedia. Mango Premiere™ is unlike anything else on the market today, combining education with entertainment to provide users with an undeniably unique learning experience. All clients with a complete Mango subscription will get access to Mango Premiere™, complete with a basic package of 20 films*.

*Due to licensing restrictions, some films will not be available to clients outside the United States. Contact us for more details.[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name="nov" number="4" heading="Mango Conversations"]In order to optimize the user experience, we’re going to consolidate our Basic and Complete 2.0 courses into a single updated product: Mango Conversations. No need to worry – all the content your users were able to access through Basic and Complete 2.0 will still be there, it’ll just be housed under the new Mango Conversations name.

In addition, we'll be retiring our older, Complete 1.0 courses, which some of our long-time clients have access to. Mango has grown by leaps and bounds since the release of 1.0 and we want to ensure that your users continue to have access to only the best, most cutting-edge products on the market. Retiring 1.0 ensures that we can focus our energy on providing support and optimization for newer products – plus, it allows us to focus on all the other language learning innovations that we want to bring to you in the future!

To make the retirement of Complete 1.0 smooth and easy, we’re doing two things:
1) Access to Mango’s “Classic Portal”, which links to the Complete 1.0 and Basic products, will be available until June 2nd, 2014.
2) We’re offering a Mango Conversations Placement Test for our most popular languages, so that users who previously studied with Complete 1.0 will be able to easily determine where they should start.[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name="nov" number="5" heading="The same Mango, only better"]We may be upgrading our interface and expanding our offerings, but everything else that you know and love about Mango will remain exactly the SAME. Same great Customer Service for your users, same dedicated Client Care for you. And if you have any questions about the upgrade, we’ll be here. Just contact us at 1.877.MANGO-11 or[/pl_accordioncontent] [/pl_accordion]

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