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Introducing Mango Basic!

Welcome Slide - Japanese Mango BasicThe latest addition to Mango’s Online Language Learning System.

Mango Basic is designed to teach users simple, practical and polite conversation skills in a foreign language.

It’s fun, easy to use, and on November 23rd, it will be available to all our subscribers as part of the Mango Family.

Mango Basic offers a variety of new features and enhancements:

1. New Teaching Formula – delivers the simplest conversation skills with even greater speed and efficiency for casual students – each course takes approximately 2-5 hours!

2. Enhanced Exercises – for grammar building and critical thinking allow users to easily adapt what they learn to other similar situations, phrases and vocabulary.

3. Easy to Follow Structure – includes clearly defined goals, giving users an overview of what they will learn for each block, and setting their expectations for what’s ahead.

4. New Learning Options – allows users to customize their experience and learn more effectively by viewing both literal and understood meanings.

5. Multiple Audio Options – allows users to hear audio at conversational and articulate speeds, both recorded naturally by native speakers.

6. Fresh New Interface – makes learning simple while setting a visual theme for each new language.

Each Mango Subscription includes:

*36 guided language learning experiences, including 22 foreign language and 14 English as a Second Language courses.
*Multiple ways to learn with Mango Basic and Mango Complete.
*Simple learning and memory tools, including color coded meanings and phonetic spelling displays.
*Remote access through a web-based system – no training, downloads or installation required.
*Specialized support staff, dedicated to library needs.

The Mango Languages family of products is ideally suited for use as a library resource, and focuses on providing simple and fun language learning for patrons and staff alike. With easy-to-follow interfaces, practical conversation skills, and audio from native speakers, Mango offers a variety of easy and effective ways to learn.

If you want to schedule a 15-minute demo please call 877-Mango-11 or visit our website for more information.

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    • You guys at Mango Languages Inc. rock! This is the best and most affordable way to learn a language that I’ve come across in a long time. The only suggestion I have is the option to also have literature (course book) as well as an audio companion (CDs) offered with the purchase of your language course packages. That way you can take it with you whether you have a computer at hand or not.

      That’s my two cents :D Otherwise I say keep up the brilliant work!!


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