Integrating language training into corporate culture.

July 5, 2016 / by Jillian Rodriguez


Can you say “I love my job” in over 70 languages? When you choose to integrate language training into your company culture, you and your employees will be well on your way. This past Wednesday, Mango’s own Business Development Manager Brian Rovito hosted a free webinar designed to deep-dive into exactly why language training is so important to corporate culture and best practices for bringing it to your company. We’ll give it to you straight — Brian is not your average Corporate Manager. Brian has called both Spain and Japan home, he speaks handfuls of languages from Spanish to Thai to Italian, and he’s the Mr. Miyagi of corporate language training. If you’ve got questions, he’s got answers.

Here’s what you need to know: employee multilingualism and multiculturalism is on the rise and in demand. Often, it’s that final barrier in developing global leaders within your company. It may sound like a daunting task, but it’s way easier than you think to integrate language training into your existing culture, so long as you’re equipped with the tools and knowledge to do it right. A more global corporate culture is just a click away  let’s dig in, shall we?

Culture matters.

As a corporate leader, you’re looking to fill your company toolbox with every resource employees need to grow and succeed. Whether you’re aiming to open offices abroad, partner with international firms, or meet the needs of a diverse customer base, the ability to communicate in multiple languages is a business imperative. Even better: free language and culture training will attract top talent to your office, indicating to promising candidates that you’re invested in employee learning and value a global mindset. When you choose to integrate language training into your culture, you’re opening up your business and your employees to new opportunities on a global scale. You’ll better support inbound and outbound global assignees, provide unique family support to international employees, and increase your global marketability. Take that, linguistic boundaries.

Where it works.

In short, everywhere. But if you want to get more specific, there are certain departments in your office that will gain the most from language-training integration. First, if you already have a revolving door of global assignees, then you’re well-aware of the need for meaningful language training. Give your team the support they need by providing resources that are always on — Mango software is on-demand 24/7 and fully mobile no matter where your employees travel. Another team that will shine when you empower them with language training: your HR department. Language training taps into a world of candidates, allowing your company to communicate with top talent and offer international employees the resources they need to succeed in a new culture. Don’t forget about your Marketing team  imagine that catchy company slogan of yours translated (correctly!) in 70+ different languages. The sky’s the limit!

Spread the word.

We know, we’re making this sound easy. But integrating language learning into your corporate culture comes with certain challenges. Business is fast-paced and sometimes awesome resources like free language and culture training get left in the dust. Company leaders are too busy to create meaningful awareness, employees assume they’re too busy to take on new tasks. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Take a page from your own Marketing playbook and advertise language-training resources internally to your employees. Worried about finding time to spread the word? Mango Market is a free online store fully-stocked with fun, bright, irresistible marketing materials to engage your employees. You can easily boost adoption and usage of language-training resources by creating incentive programs, tracking usage and inciting some friendly competition, or simply hosting cultural potlucks and lunch and learn sessions. Another easy way to create excitement: host a Mango Day and hand out Mango swag, one-pagers, and serve our signature Mango smoothies to get employees talking about their language-training goals. Your office will be a multilingual melting pot in no time.

Those are the ABCs of integrating language training into corporate culture  but this is only the reader’s digest version. Interested in bringing Mango’s customizable language and culture training software to your business? Let’s talk possibilities (in whichever language you’d like!). Corporate Culture Connoisseur Brian Rovito divulges all of his best-kept secrets for language-training integration in his free webinar   and we want to share it with you. Tune in for a in-depth discussion on how to make language and culture training your office’s next success story.


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