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Thanks, Mid-Hudson Library System

Part of a large library system and not sure how to train staff across all branches? Take a note from the Mid-Hudson Library System that managed to train librarians on Mango Languages in all 66 of their libraries in several different ways. They recognized an increasing number of patrons wanting to interact with their library online and how critical online engagement is to a sustainable future for libraries.

So how did they do it? One effort that immediately skyrocketed usage was what they dubbed a “word of mouth marketing experiment.” Simply informing the staff of all that Mango has to offer and frontloading them with resources increased their ability to connect patrons with these resources, both in the library and online remotely.

Additionally, MHLS offered a self-directed online learning series to staff members with a portion devoted specifically to databases. Nearly 70 people signed up immediately and the numbers grew from there. They created a scavenger hunt for their databases and included Mango in on the fun! On top of the fabulous education and training the staff received, they were also given great tools and tips to promote Mango to patrons in the library.

The awesome staff at MHLS was abuzz with Mango excitement and the increase in usage speaks for itself. Félicitations to the Mid-Hudson Library System for an incredible feat and a job well done!

Looking for ways to promote Mango at your library? Contact your Mango representative for tips and tricks.

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