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Howdy, Partner.

Mango is more than just another fruit-themed vendor.  We partner with our clients because we truly care about them becoming a hub for culture and language learning.  How do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

1. The MAP

The Mango Administration Portal is your home for stats galore, training resources and more promotional goodies than you can shake a Mango tree branch at.

2. Freebies.

Speaking of marketing goodies, through the MAP you have access to free downloadable and customizable marketing materials like blog posts, press releases, website images and even sample Twitter posts.  Tweet, tweet.

3. FindMango.com

The more patrons, the merrier. With findmango.com, we’re working to drive more traffic to your library.  New patrons can find their way by visiting findmango.com and entering their zip code.  From there, we link them directly to your site and even instruct them to high-five their librarian when they get a library card!  Check it out: findmango.com.

4. Social Media Feature

We help your patrons show off and spread word of the knowledge they gained at your library. Our new Social Media Feature lets users post their language-learning progress on Facebook and Twitter, earn virtual badges and send all their friends to findmango.com to drive traffic to your library.

5. Mango 101 Staff Training Webinar

This live training session is designed to turn you and your staff into Mango Masters.  We’ll walk you through the program step-by-step, answer any questions, show you how to access your library’s stats, and provide you with tips on how to promote Mango and boost usage at your library.

6.  So many more ways.

Contact your Mango rep today to find out all the other ways Mango partners with you and impacts your community.

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