Flirting, fleas and cabbage

February 5, 2013 / by Mango Languages

Goodbye, my cabbage! Until we meet again, my flea!

While I've never found cabbage nor fleas endearing, the French manage to pull off these terms of endearment that leave English speakers scratching their heads. Hopefully not because of fleas.

Sweep them off their pieds with some corny pick-up lines and interesting terms of endearment en français.

Learn French.

Happy Valentine's day!
Joyeuse St. Valentin!

Oh, flowers! For me?
Ah, des fleurs! Pour moi?

No thank you. I prefer chocolate.
Non, merci. Je préfère le chocolat.

Do you come here often?
Tu viens souvent ici?

Can I buy you a drink?
Je t'offre un verre?

You are beautiful/handsome.
Vous êtes belle/beau.

Did it hurt when you fell from the sky?
Tu as eu mal quand tu es tombé(e) du ciel?

I seem to have lost my phone number. Could I borrow yours?
Il parait que j'ai perdu mon numéro de téléphone. Pourrais-je emprunter le tien?

My love.
Mon amour.

My cabbage (yes, cabbage).
Mon chou.

My flea (yes, flea).
Ma puce.

What's your favorite corny pick-up line? Can you say it in multiple languages?

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