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How NOT to cut a Mango

In honor of this week’s Mango Monday, let’s talk about the other mango: the edible one!

I love the taste of mangoes but admittedly, had never bought and cut one myself. As you can tell by the photo, it didn’t work out very well.

So here goes, I’ll put my pride aside and recount the time I [failed to] cut a mango.

What NOT to do:
1. Do not say to yourself, “Ah, no peeler? No problem! I’ll try this butter knife!”

2. Do not forget that mangoes have a pit. It may be a funny looking one, but it’s still a pit.

3. Do not underestimate the slippery-ness of a peeled mango! (HINT: Alton Brown from FoodTV suggests using corn-on-the-cob holders to secure the mango)

What to do:
Not to worry, here’s some advice on exactly how to dice up a delicious mango! Do you have any yummy cultural mango recipes or advice for the less culinary inclined like myself?

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