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Honored Guests at the Mango Grove

Technion at Mango Languages
We were thrilled to welcome a distinguished delegation of students and professors from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology for an inside look at a growing software company in metro Detroit.

Mango Languages CEO Jason Teshuba spoke on the relationship between the technological progress being made in metro Detroit and that in Israel:

“People don’t think of metro Detroit as a center for technology and digital entrepreneurship, but we’re seeing it happen more and more as companies like Mango grow and expand. Much of our success mirrors what’s happening in Israel, in large part because of the incredible work done at the Technion. We hope that this cultural exchange continues to strengthen the bonds between those pushing the boundaries of technology around the world.”

The students; Marina Toger (architecture) and Guy Bershansky (engineering and medicine), along with Professor Zalman Palmor (the Technion’s deputy executive vice president for academic affairs); also shared their experiences about the value of their world-class educations and the vital role public universities can play as incubators for technology and business.

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