Happy Independence Day, From Us to You.

July 4, 2014 / by Jillian Rodriguez

Baby, you're a firework.

Three cheers for the red, white, and blue. Today is July 4th, 2014, and on this day in history, the United States of America declared independence from Britain and put our country on the path to freedom. But you already knew that, judging from that star-spangled t-shirt and American flag temporary tattoo plastered across your face. We’re right there with you.

Happy 238th birthday, America. All across the globe, people are firing up their barbecues, marching in parades, and setting off fireworks to celebrate freedom and independence in America. Why are we still celebrating, so many years later? Just like you, we Mangos are big on freedom: the freedom to learn, to connect, and to create. Every day, we thank our lucky stars (all 50 of them) to live in a country that protects a person’s (or a fruit’s…) freedom and liberty.

american flag

This Fourth of July, we’re celebrating our country’s progress since 1776, and the many great achievements still ahead. We’ve come a long way since that fateful day, and we’re excited to see what’s ahead for America in today’s global world. We don’t mean to get all sentimental on you, but “The Star-Spangled Banner” is totally stuck in our head, and we can’t help but get misty-eyed over the land of the free, the home of brave.

Lately, we’ve noticed something amazing happening. And by lately, we mean the last 200 years – but especially lately. Thanks to the internet, technology, and culture, things have become a lot more global. As a country, we’ve learned to believe in impossible things, and we’ve seen the good that can come from it. After all, that’s what created Mango™. Americans believe in enriching lives with language and culture – all around the globe – and we do, too. More and more, we’re all coming together for the greater good, and there’s never been a better time to be an American. Cheesy? Yes. But it’s a Friday, it’s the 4th of July, and it’s the land of the free – so, legally, we’re allowed to be as cheesy as we want. In fact, on national holidays, it’s encouraged.

patriotic pup

So, on this day in particular, we invite nations across the world to celebrate with us. We’re toasting to a bright global future, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and – we’re not afraid to say it – to world peace. Happy Independence Day, from us to you.



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Jillian Rodriguez

Written by Jillian Rodriguez

Jillian is a writer and editor out of Detroit, Michigan. She loves connecting people through new ideas, interesting stories, and good conversation. In her free time, Jillian loves to read, write, and listen to podcasts - in Spanish and in English!

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