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French Canadian is Here!

Today is July 1st, which means it’s Canada Day. In celebration of this holiday Mango has launched French Canadian!

The differences between Canadian and standard European French are analogous to the differences between American and British English or the Swedish of Sweden and the Swedish of Finland. They are mutually intelligible, but there are some interesting differences, especially in vocabulary. Mango makes it easier for you: we now offer both.

Here is a brief timeline of the French influence in present day Canada: New France in Canada, the St. Lawrence valley, was the historic homeland of the French Canadian people in the time of New France. It corresponds to the southern part of modern Quebec excluding the Eastern Township. Later it had various names: the Province of Quebec (1763), Lower Canada (1791), Canada East  (1840), and finally the Province of Quebec (1867) again.

There are nearly 6 million French Canadian speakers living throughout Canada and North America, with the majority of that population residing in the province of Quebec. With a little help from Mango’s new French Canadian language course,  patrons will be soaking up the general joie de vivre in Montreal, touring the many historic points of interest scattered throughout Quebec City, or reconnecting with their Québécois heritage.

Ready to check it out? On your library’s website, log into Mango Languages to access the French Canadian course and start learning!


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