Does Your Dog Speak Spanish? Pet Commands in Five Languages

April 4, 2019 / by Rachel Reardon

Pet commands in five languages

What’s the best way to look super cool at the dog park? Telling your canine companion to ‘stay’ in another language, of course. 

So the next time you’re looking to infuse some language learning into your daily lifestyle, try adding some of these commands into your usual pet-training routine:

Spanish dog commands (if your dog speaks Spanish)

Siéntate. (SYEHNtahteh.) — Sit.
Échate. (EHchahteh.) — Down.
Quieto. (KYEHtoh.) — Stay.
Aquí. (ahKEE.) — Come.

French Dog Commands (if your dog speaks French)

Assis. (asee.) — Sit.
Couché. (kooshay.) — Down.
Attends. (ata(n).) — Stay.
Viens. (vya(n).) — Come.

German Dog Commands (if your dog speaks German)

Sitz (zitz.) — Sit.
Platz (pluts.) — Down.
Bleib (blyeb.) — Stay.
Hier (HEEa.) — Come.

Italian Dog Commands (if your dog speaks Italian)

Seduto/a (sehDOOtoh/ah.) — Sit.
A terra (ah TEHRrah.) — Down.
Resta (REHstah.) — Stay.
Vieni (VYEHnee.) — Come.

Brazilian Portuguese Dog Commands (if your dog speaks Brazilian Portuguese)

Senta (SEHNtah.) — Sit.
Deita (DAYtah.) — Down.
Fica (FEEkah.) — Stay.
Vem (vehn.) — Come.

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What languages does your pet speak? Share with us any commands or tricks your pet knows in the comments!

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