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Does your dog speak Spanish? Pet commands in 5 languages.

What’s the best way to look super cool at the dog park?
Telling Sparky to stay in five different languages of course.


Give these commands a try:

Sientate (sit)
Echate (down)
Quieto (stay)
Aqui (come)

Assis (sit)
Couché (down)
Attend (stay)
Viens (come)

Sitz (sit)
Platz (down)
Bleib (stay)
Hier (come)

Seduta (sit)
Terra (down)
Resta (stay)
Vieni (come)

Brazilian Portuguese
Senta (sit)
Deita (down)
Fica (stay)
Vem (come)

What language does your pet speak?

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    • Great idea for a blog post. I remember a story about an English farmer who after watching a sheepdog perform impeccably at a dog fair then bought the prize sheepdog and took it home with him to work on his sheep farm. Despite the farmers best efforts however he just could not get the prize dog to do a single thing for him on his farm. It turned out that the dog had come from Wales and had actually been trained in the Welsh language. Once the farmer discovered this fact and learned a few basic commands in the Welsh language his new dog was able to understand him completely and became a huge asset to him on his farm. So, knowing what language your pet speaks can be important sometimes!



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