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First Day of ALA Annual 2010 Conference

ALA 2010 TeamWe just wrapped up our first day of the show and had such a great day.

Alana, Yana, Bob, Mike, and Stephen all set up the booth.

David, Marco, Jason, and Beverly got to meet the actor Stephen Baldwin on their way to the hotel this morning.

Ryan and Drew came in from a Military show in Virginia, and Franco and Steve arrived later today and chipped in at the last minute.

The booth was busy – lots of folks requesting Mango smoothies.  Many librarians received demonstrations of our online language learning software and heard about all our new products, languages, and features, like:
1. Mango Take-Out and offline USB box product available in 12 languages
2. Little Pim – An interactive children’s language learning software for ages 0-6
3. Mango Mobile – An iPhone application that works just like the regular software designed specifically for the i-suite of products.
4. 35 new languages being released by the end of the year
5. Promotional/reward system that is second to none

Everyone walked away with something – whether it was a Mango Badge Ribbon, Smoothie, or a Mango BPA free water bottle.

So much fun! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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