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Mango Feature Shout-Outs

Did you know you can earn points on our “Mango Checklist” by adding a Mango logo or link to your library’s website?  Prominently feature the link on your website and it’s sure to attract more attention than if it’s buried somewhere the user has to search for it.  Of course, there’s a number of ways that libraries can do this.  To provide some inspiration, we’re going to feature a few rockstar examples from our partner libraries:

Musser Public Library and the Terrebonne Parish Library System both featured Mango in their scrolling homepage slideshow.  Not only does this approach provide a visual “pop” that grabs patrons’ attention, it also allows the library to feature different events and resources on a timely basis.

Boyd County Public Library featured Mango on its homepage in their “Library News” section.  This approach not only increases awareness about the resource, but also provides patrons with the latest Mango news.  In this case, BCPL shared info about our new Social Media Feature and how patrons can earn badges by learning with Mango.  You can easily set up a News Section on your library’s website by linking the content to a blog or other RSS feed.  Ideas for Mango updates can be pulled from our monthly newsletter, blog, or from informational materials posted on the MAP.

Another fantastic and effective way to feature Mango on your homepage is to use one of our eye-catching banners, like Fountaindale Public Library did on their site:

All you need to do is log in to the MAP, visit the “Free Downloads” section under the “Promote” tab, and select “Web Banners” to see all the options we have available.  The banners come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find something that will work perfectly for your site!  Then just link the banner directly to your Mango landing page, providing patrons with a quick and easy way to access the courses.

We’d like to say a big, big thank you to Musser Public Library, Terrebonne Parish Library System, Boyd County Public Library, Fountaindale Public Library, and all the other libraries that have created awesome features for Mango on their website. Keep up the good work!

If your library would like ideas or guidance on creating a Mango feature for your homepage, please reach out to your Account Rep.  We’d be happy to help!


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    • I have a bit of feedback I’d like to share with you.

      I’m currently using Mango Languages to study 10 different languages, with more to be added in the near future. While I was doing Lesson 2 of Complete French 2.0, I was disturbed to see “bien” consistently translated as “good,” thus, “Ça va bien”, for example, is translated literally as “I am doing good.” This is neither a correct translation of “bien” nor proper English.

      The correct translation of “bien” is “well”, not “good.” “Bien” is an adverb, and therefore, the correct literal translation of “Ça va bien” is “It is going well.” The proper translation of “good” in French is “bon.”

      In a similar vein, “I am doing good” is not proper English, since “good” is an adjective and cannot modify a verb such as “to do.” The proper expression in English is “I am doing well.” “Good” can only be used as an adverb when it follows a verb such as “be” or “feel” and refers to an emotional state only.

      Sorry to be so nitpicky, but I’ve been studying, speaking, reading, and writing French for over 36 years, and English is my native language. I just hate seeing poor translation and grammar being used in examples that are intended to teach correct grammatical principles in both languages. Mango Languages is a great site; I just want to make it even better!


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