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Feature Friday: Meet New Mango, Nevrus Muftari

Mango is growing like crazy and we have several new team members to welcome to the Grove. Nevrus Muftari started in October as the Challenger of the Status Quo. He works with librarians and ensures they are happy with the Mango program and helps them with any training or questions they may have.

Nev (we call him that) has an interesting and diverse background. His dad was born in Macedonia and his mom was born in Germany but her family fled Albania in the forties when communism was prevalent. Approximately 35 years ago his parents met and married, then moved to Michigan. Nev speaks Albanian and English. He loves to travel. He has been to Australia, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, and his favorite is Albania.

He worked for an online publisher and saw an article on Mango Languages and thought he could explore his love of languages at Mango. We are so happy to have him on the team.

Please help us welcome Nev!

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