Feature Friday: Meet New Mango, Andrea Ehlert

November 18, 2011 / by Mango Languages

We are so excited to welcome Andrea Ehlert to the Mango family. She started working at the Mango Grove in October to help out our Language Learning Specialist Team. She will be supporting our Mango customers in Oregon, Indiana, Washington, DC, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Kansas, Ohio, New York, Wyoming, and Montana. She will be available to train library staff, help with the Mango Administration System support, and she is happy to answer any questions you may have about your subscription.

Andrea has a fascinating and very diverse background. She was born in Quito, Ecuador, and moved to Tanzania, Africa, when she was seven years old and lived there for two years. Her father managed a shrimp farm there. When she said this, I got visions of the movie "Forest Gump" and all the different shrimp dishes she must have enjoyed. In 1998, her family visited some relatives in Michigan and loved it. They decided to stay and became official U.S. Citizens in 2008. A true immigrant story!

When Andrea came to the U.S as a nine-year old, she didn't know any English as she was fluent in speaking Spanish. However, today she doesn't even have an accent. She loves languages and heard about Mango through some college connections she had. Once she visited the Mango website...she fell in love. She is a very persistent lady as she stalked us until we hired her. :-) We love her passion and drive!

We are so glad she stalked us and she is an awesome contribution to the sales and marketing team. Please help us welcome Andrea!

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