Feature Friday: Libraries Rock

November 4, 2011 / by Mango Languages

First, I have to say I LOVE my job. And this is one of those times that really reminds me how lucky I am to get to do what I do with such cool customers - Libraries.

Mango likes to have fun...and at the New York Library Association trade show we really like to do it up. Why? Because we have a serious reputation to uphold. We have won best booth for two years running and the themes of the shows keep getting better and better. This years theme is Libraries Rock. And we couldn't agree more!

Libraries are centers of the community. They are Google, Amazon, and Starbucks all rolled into one super human hero of searching capabilities and knowledge. I read a tweet today from the #nyla11 Hashtag that said 60% of librarians had helped someone get a job this year. Libraries are helping to keep this country working too! Wow!

We are always humbled by the words of love that our customers give to us...we honestly love you too. We wouldn't be here without you and say thank you for all you have given us! I know that I have made some wonderful librarian friends and can't wait for next year's theme and show to do it all again!

Libraries...YOU rock! Thanks for letting us be your groupies!

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